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Woven interlining is used a lot in which need the elasticity, stretchy and good bonding; often be used on T-shirt, pants (waist band, front fly) and jacket. This item is suitable for elasticity’s requirement with shell fabric and medium thickness. At the moment, 5S Interlining has over 150 woven interlining items.

5S Weaving was founded in 08th Aug., 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City, the most active economic area of Vietnam. After developing in 14 years, 5S has become one of the best interlining suppliers in Vietnam with wide ranges of interlining for over 300 items included non-woven, non-fused, woven fusible, woven, top fuse and tear away for embroidery, TC and pocketing…. In order to meet the market demand, we have developed special program for nonwonven series to satisfy customer’s need.

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5S Weaving and Coating Co.,LTd

Ho Chi Minh Head Office & Warehouse:

[A]: 1st Floor, Tanimex Building, Cn13 Street, Tan Binh Industrial Zone, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City.
[P]: (+84) 077 20 79 777.

Ha Noi Office and Warehouse:

[A]: No.22, 64 Alley, Sai Dong Street, Sai Dong Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi Capital.
[P]: (+84) 90 4569 377.

Long An Factory & Warehouse:

[A]: No. 23, 7th Street, Tan Duc Industrial Zone Duc Hoa Ha, Long An, S.R. Vietnam.

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